​Martha Dunne


Dog Trainer/ Training Coordinator at Camp Papillon Pet Adoption & Rescue - 2016

​Attending "Catch Canine Trainers Academy"

​Vice President Camp Papillon 2013-2015

A visit to a local kennel, the siting of a gorgeous Norwegian Elkhound puppy, excitement ensued bringing him home, formal training followed. She named him Kaiser. Shortly after, while volunteering at the local SPCA, the family adopted a girlfriend for Kaiser, Mia. Three months later, became a foster home, started a dog walking service, studied and attended workshops on dog behavior, dog training and first aid for pets and continued volunteering at local shelters.  In 2006 she started Pet Passions Sitting Services as a pet sitter and dog walker.  By 2007 she renovated her home to incorporate boarding and daycare-"Home Away from Home"  for canines on vacation while still maintaining outside services for cats, caged pet and other critters.  Today, more than one thousand dogs later and hundreds of cats and critters, she has expanded by recently purchasing the Poconos only first whole entire "house" (not a kennel) for canines on vacation called, "Inner Outer Utopia Pet Care".

She is currently attending Catch Canine Trainers Academy to become a certified dog trainer. Martha believes in positive reinforcement training and employs it with all dogs she works with, including her own. She is certified through Pet Sitters International and is re-certified every three years after completing required studies. Volunteering for several rescues throughout the years, Martha and her family continue to foster homeless dogs and have rehabilitated and re-homed hundreds.

​Mia, kaiser, julius (R.I.P.), jasmine, roman, titan (r.i.p.)

Our six furry kids have been raised working alongside us- RIP Titan (Rottie). Mia, the assistant evaluator, helps test all the dogs before they can stay and Kaiser is our referee-he keeps everyone in line. RIP Julius, our superhero, protector of the home, yet loving and sweet.  Jasmine, well she sleeps all day although she does enjoy a good five minute romp. Roman is playful and happy go lucky and tolerates everything.  They have excellent canine communication skills and each has their own useful place in helping newcomers settle in.   They are all dog and people friendly.

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Kelly Corridore



     All pets, whether in boarding or in the client's home, are treated as one of their own.

stroudsburg, PA

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​570-992-6224​ MARTHA DUNNE/OWNER

Dillon Dunne

Julian Dunne

​​i.O.U. Pet care

There's One Place Like Home



In 2006, Pet Passions Sitting Services (the first Canine "Home Away From Home") sprung to life. A passion for fostering homeless dogs and watching them reap the benefits of living in a home environment instead of a shelter/kennel, helped Martha and her family to envision and establish a second home for “canines on vacation”. Implementing the same concept of incorporating a homeless dog into their family, Pet Passions Sitting Services came to be. 


April 10th, 2015, they closed on a new "Home Away From Home" utilizing the home for boarding, daycare and training. How exciting!!!!  The new facility is now called "Inner Outer Utopia Pet Care, LLC" or" I.O.U. Pet Care". 

​​Serving Our Furry Friends Since 2006

​Inner Outer Utopia Pet Care



​Michelle Ryan — 5 star Martha and her team are phenomenal at what they do! They truly care for each pet like a member of their own family. I highly recommend.


Maria Picon — 5 star  Amazing! Martha and Dillon- We went away in a two week vacation out of the country and didn't want to kennel our three dogs- each with their own meal plans and meds. We were skeptical about doing the kennel thing because of past bad experiences. We had never worked with Inner Outer Utopia and they were recommended by Camp Papillon Rescue. After Martha and Dillon's care of our pups - never again will I go back to kenneling. My doggies were at home- in their own space and happy and spoiled. For the first time- us getting back- we found our dogs happy, without kennel cough, well attended, and without silent shock which was our past experiences. They were themselves and a HAPPY versions of themselves not sullen and quiet. Do I recommended Martha and Dillon ? Do I recommend Inner Outer Utopia? YES and YES - if you love your pets and they're part of your family - like we love ours - do all of your pets a favor and yourself. The peace of mind is amazing. We received pics and videos and updates while we were aboard. Thank you so much to Inner Outer Utopia- we enjoyed our vacation more knowing our babies were in good hands!A+++


Tara Visconti Boudreaux — 5 star  Being new to the area and not knowing anyone we sometimes find ourselves in a bind and need someone to care for our dogs last minute. After contacting a few other pet sitters in our area we decided to try out Inner Outer Utopia, they turned out to be the perfect fit for our little guys. Martha replied to my request almost immediately and was very professional and kind. Our dogs had 3 visits so far with Dillon. And when we arrive home we always find two happy Corgi's. If Corduroy and Baxter are satisfied with their visits then so are we!